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ZTE working on AXON M2 with better Dual-Screen design

Chinese OEMs usually not only clone iPhones but sometimes they try to break the boundaries, think out of the box and make something revolutionary and innovative. For instance, Xiaomi went all in and created the almost all screen, bezel-less display with it’s Mi Mix 2, Vivo did the in screen fingerprint reader fantasy first.

And now ZTE is building upon its Axon M which was a quirky Foldable phone, which featured dual screens, which folded from one side. It resembles your Flip-case style design, and instead of that Flip-on cover, you get a display, which when flipped opened expanded the overall display size. However, the ZTE Axon M didn’t receive much positive feedback, and big overhyped YouTubers called the device as “Hot garbage.”

Image Courtesy: TWiT Netcast Network

Despite such, negativity ZTE’s marketing VP Jeff Yee has conveyed that the company will continue to explore and innovative into the foldable phone niche. This statement from the ZTE officials, thus hints that the in the future we could see a possible successor of the Axon M, with a much better foldable display implementation, which won’t left anyone with any complaints. Samsung is also reported to begin it’s foldable phone’s production somewhere in 2019, but that’s still a long journey.

Talking about the Axon M, the phone hasn’t seen a global launch yet, but this highly gripping device is expected to be¬†launched in mainland China in the coming months. And surprisingly, it has already made it’s way to the US, and is available on AT&T for $730.

Apart from the highlighting feature of Dual foldable screens, under the hood, the device is powered by a Snapdragon 821 chip paired with 4GB RAM, so in the specs department, it’s not a slouch by any means.



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