Zoom Lies About Having 300 Million Users

It is one of the times when misleading customers can be trouble for a company. Even when it has high risk some companies can resist the market strategy like these. Lying about products services or the number of users to show the dominance happens a lot. This time it was Zoon that has admitted that it lied about having 300 Million daily active users. Zoom has successfully made it to the highlights this year and has gained popularity worldwide. The video conferencing app earlier claimed in a blog to have more than 300 active Million users worldwide. This claim was a lie and didn’t hold for too long for the company.

This claim was later removed and changed into 300 Million daily Zoom meeting participants. Some might not mind it but this makes a huge difference in the numerical data claimed by the company. Meeting participants can be counted multiple times within the same date while active users are counted once. A person attending 3 meetings a day will be counted 3 times as a meeting participant. By making the statement of having 300 Million DAU the company made itself look popular worldwide. Showing off with such data can mislead people into trying the app or think it is worth switching to.

300 Million was a huge number for daily active users and it made name for the company in the news. Zoom changed it to meeting participants and even this is impressive as the company is growing fast. From 10 million in December to 300 Million meeting participants now the company has risen to become one of the biggest. Zoom is getting the competition now and it is not the best time to pull such tricks as Google and Facebook are picking pace.

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