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YouTube Playback now comes to Android Auto

Google’s take on auto-mobile software system comes in the form of Android Auto, and since its launch, we have seen many experimental apps designed for it some work while others may do work but you won’t be able to find them on the Play Store. However, a new app has been made which allows you to play YouTube in your Android Auto, with the help of YouTubeAuto.

This has been made possible by the unofficial Aauto SDK and is developed by a guy named Kiran Kumar. So, with the help of this new YouTubeAuto app you can now seamlessly play YouTube videos on the go, along with that you also get background audio playback, when you get out of the app.

Furthermore, a nifty little safety feature is also involved here which pop-up after certain intervals of time, prompting you to watch the road also. There’s an option in the app, Send to Car this is the button which gives your Android Auto in your car to stream videos from YouTube.

Apart from that, if you are trying this app for the first time, it is recommended you turn off the power saving mode or the aggressive doze mode on your phone to watch YouTube videos without any issues. Lastly, this is an open source project, and you can have a look at the code by visiting here and to Download the YouTubeAuto APK from here.

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