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Youtube is removing the spam account and inappropriate content

YouTube is currently on a mission to get rid of spam accounts from Youtube, and the company is notifying the Youtube content creators that they might see “noticeable decrease” in their subscriber counts as the cleanup is conducted.

An official post on YouTube’s product forum states this clean sweep of spam accounts is a normal routine of the company.

[Source: Youtube]
Getting rid of spam accounts plays a  helping role for Youtube to have a fair playing field for the content creators since there are many illegal ways to increase your subscriber count.

It is still not clear whether how many channels will be affected, but YouTube does want people to prepare for a decline.

YouTube has removed a massive amount of content from Youtube between July and September nearly 7.85 million video and 1.67 million channels were removed, according to its latest YouTube Community Guidelines enforcement report.

This is the fourth such report YouTube has published, but this is the first time that Youtube mentioned about removing channels, versus just individual videos.

YouTube said that about 79.6% were removed on the basis of the violation of its policies on spam, misleading content or scams, while 12.6% were removed for nudity or sexual content.

Only about 1% of channels were removed on the basis of promotion of violence, violent extremism, harassment or hateful or abusive content.

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