You Can Video Call With Up to 32 People At Once With Google Duo Web

Google Duo is a very good platform for video calling and it has a lot of premium features. You can video call your friends or family easily through Google Duo. Google Duo is available for Android and iOS too and you can easily download it for them. It was mainly made for video calling and due to Coronavirus, people are stuck in their homes. Google Duo makes it possible to connect with each other and the clarity of the video call is superb.

There are many features which are only available in Google Duo and yet Google added a new feature. You can video call with up to 32 people at once through Google Duo. This feature is available for web users only as of now. Google is doing a great job by adding needed features and people are loving those features from Google. The mobile version of Google Duo is also great and it has all the features which web version has. You can update the Google Duo to enjoy this new feature and it is very easy to update Google Duo.

Google added this feature in Google Duo because everyone is doing meetings and conferences on video call now. Google Duo is safe and the video calls which are made through Google Duo are secure. There is nothing to worry about and the company improved Google Duo a lot in this new update. Google Duo is clearly inspired by its rival Zoom because you can now join the video call in Google Duo through a link. This feature is good because it is a convenient and easy way to join a video conference.

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