You can now share songs from Shazam directly to Instagram Stories

The Shazam app which is owned by Apple has been updated to version 12.3 a few days ago. This new update of Shazam comes with the feature of integration with Instagram, allowing users to share songs they discover through Shazam on Instagram Stories.

Apple officially bought the Shazam back in the month of September after a series of regulatory approval hurdles since last year. Apple made Shazam ad-free as a part of this deal. This update of Shazam is the second major update to come to the app since the Apple acquisition was completed.

[source: Engadget]
If you want to share any song from Shazam, you have to tap on the Share button. If you are using the latest version of the app Instagram option should pop up. This prompts the cover art to be posted to your Instagram story along with a button that says “More on Shazam” which takes you back to the song page in the Shazam app.

Shazam said that the feature will be available for the iOS users with the latest versions of Shazam and Instagram installed. No exact date has been given for the release on Android Operating System.

This news is good for those who want to show their Shazam playlist through Instagram stories and it certainly will be good for the usage of both apps.

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