You Can Expect The Android 11 To Come In September It Seems

Android 11 is coming and it can come anytime now because Android is trying their best to launch the Android 11 as soon as possible. There will be a lot of new features in the upcoming Android 11 and some features were even necessary but they weren’t available in the previous Android versions. Android will keep up the game and will not disappoint the people who are waiting for Android 11 to launch. There will be some major changes in the notification bar as the notification bar will get redesigned in the upcoming Android 11.

Google Pixel devices support Android 11 Beta Program and you can update your Pixel device to Android 11 if you have a Google Pixel. It is very easy to enrol for the Android 11 Beta Program and you can do it easily by visiting the official website. The company is planning to surprise the Android users with a lot of new features and some of the features are very good in the Android 11. This is the list of some features that you will get to see in the upcoming Android 11 Official Version:

  • Screen Recording feature will be available in the upcoming Android 11 inbuilt.

  • When the user will enable the Airplane Mode, it will not turn off Bluetooth and that is a big relief.

  • The user could mute the notifications while Screen Recording.

These are some of the key features that are very much rumoured and needed. We can see the official build of Android 11 in September it seems because there are a lot of leaks and news about it.

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