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Xiaomi’s new R&D facility should give it an upper arm against the competition

Xiaomi has opened up a brand new R&D center devoted solely to the research and development of its mobile business. The Chinese giant who is sometimes also known as the Apple of China has been accused many times, for developing similar devices in design and sometimes in functionality similar to Apple and other OEMs.

However, now this new R&D center in Shenzhen, Mainland China, these cloning claims will surely reduce over time and we could see a unique Xiaomi design language in the near future. This is, however, not the first center that the company has as the first one was opened in Beijing and now the company plans to make it as versatile as the one in Beijing.

Image Courtesy: gizmochina. com

Apart from that, Xiaomi will also recruit talent from various areas and up to 1000 positions will be filled this year. Xiaomi’s president Lin Bin also said a lot about how the smartphone giant wishes to bring new smart devices and this new center will be the birthplace of new and exciting Xiaomi smart devices.

So, there’s a good chance that we might see Xiaomi making its own unique identity like HTC and Motorola as well as this place could also be used by the OEM for researching on its own in-house processor. Moreover, you should be now excited as the company is heavily investing in R&D, it has an opportunity to get into the Top 10 tech giants around the world list as well as Xiaomi might also make its way to the fortune 500 lists of companies.




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