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Xiaomi’s Mi VR Headset launched at CES 2018 for China

Virtual Reality is going to be the big thing 2018 and will spread wildly among users, due to the sheer fact that, VR makers have geared in and now developing budget VR headsets for around $200 which is affordable, compared to $800 to $900 HTC Vive and others. Now Xiaomi along with Facebook’s Oculus has joined in and announced the Xiaomi Mi VR standalone headset.

The Xiaomi Mi VR is none other than Oculus’s own Go VR headset, but the re-branded variant is especially for China and who knows the Chinese market better than Xiaomi. When Xiaomi’s main Chief Executive Hugo Barra left the company and joined hands with Facebook later announced that both the companies are working on an affordable standalone VR headset and today we have it announced at CES 2018.

Xiaomi MI VR
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Both them might look the same from the outside; however, inside they use different SDK, Oculus Mobile SDK vs. Xiaomi’s Mi VR SDK. Xiaomi’s take allows you to play everything from the Mi VR Play platform. The Mi VR features the famous Spatial audio as well, which is developed by Oculus itself, and also comes with the motion controller.

Under the hood, both the Oculus Go headset and the Xiaomi’s Mi VR are powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 821 chip, and Quad-HD resolution LCDs are present to view content your content. Due to it being a pure standalone VR headset in nature, you don’t head any phones or expensive desktop level hardware to use it. Thus, also making it light for daily usage, of long hours.




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