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Xiaomi, Oppo and Huawei might switch to mini-LED backlit displays, as Apple swallows OLED

As the battle for OLED displays intensifies with Apple chewing up most of the chunk from whatever comes out of the production line, even LG will make OLED panels for Apple. So, other manufacturers are left with no option, to switch to a different display tech. OLED displays can be found on the high-end phones and with Apple’s iPhone X and this year, the rumored iPhone 8 2018 edition could also use OLED screens.

So, OEMs like Oppo, Xiaomi, and  now have decided to go with Mini LED TV Backlight display panels. This alternative to OLEDs has a local dimming function which ensures higher contrasts rates, as well as much better brightness and dimness. Apart from that, they are as thin as OLED panels and are also capable of providing better color rendering index, when compared to OLEDs. Talking about their efficiency and power saving abilities, they are close enough to AMOLED display’s if not an equal match.

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They had already made a debut at CES last year, and the Taiwanese display makers have already begun the development as well as improvements to mini-LED display’s even further. Moreover, this display tech as previously reported to make its way into TVs and significant other display applications.

But now with smartphones OEMs also getting into the gamble, we could see Mini-LED display’s to be the next hyped thing in smartphones, especially in the budget segment, because of companies like Xiaomi, Oppo and Huawei perform much better in the budget segment. So, expect the Redmi Note 6 to come with mini LED-backlit displays. Let’s see how this LCD+LED solution goes against the OLED top dogs.

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