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Xiaomi now let’s you track repair status in Real Time in India

Xiaomi is a Chinese brand but is most loved by the Indians; there are a lot of smartphones from their house that have set a benchmark regarding sales as well as specifications in the Indian market. Operating a brand in India is not a cup of tea, some brands like LeEco, Meizu have tried their best to survive, but they failed. Recently Xiaomi has introduced a new service in India which will be very helpful to the customers.

Image of the new service introduced by the Xiaomi India.
Image courtesy: fonearena .com

Xiaomi is among the brands who are known for selling their smartphones on very tiny margins but still they never forget to give back to the society. Xiaomi has started a new service in India with which a user will be able to track the repair process by sitting on a couch which means he/she has to put no or low efforts to it. When it comes to after sales service, even brands like Samsung turned out to be pathetic sometimes and this type of service was not introduced earlier by any of the phone brands.

The image is showing new repair service by Xiaomi.
Image courtesy: fonearena .com

With this feature, one will be able to check the status of his/her product repair in real time which means by implementing this the rush on service centers can be reduced by a huge margin. Some common service messages shows are: Under inspection, Work in progress, Ready for delivery, Delivered, Cancelled, etc. If you want to try out this, you have to go to the official Mi India website with the condition that you have deposited any device at Xiaomi center for service. For more information stay tuned to us.

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