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Xiaomi Mi Band 5 Coming Soon

Xiaomi is a leading brand and the company launches products that can compete with high-end companies and their devices. The company is making Mi Band since 2014 and they launched their first Mi Band in mid-2014. The product got hit and people started buying Mi Band like fire. The product had some good features with a very good and affordable price. Xiaomi is known for its affordability and they make their products affordable to each and every one. Since then, Mi Bands are in trend and they are making it better in each update.

First Mi Band had no display but now we get a display in Mi Bands. The previous version of Mi Band was Mi Band 4 and it has pretty good features. Mi Band 4 has an AMOLED display and Xiaomi claimed 20 days battery life on Mi Band 4. The upgrade of Mi Band 4 is Band 5 and we will get a slightly bigger display in Mi Band 5 this time as per the rumours. Mi Band 5 will surprise people by its new look and its new display with some new features.

Mi Band 5 is likely to get a 1.2-inch display with brand new design and an oval punch-hole display which is something new for Xiaomi Fans. People are guessing that the punch-hole in the display of the Mi Band 5 is a touch button. Leaked photos of Mi Band 5 are out there and the Band is looking amazing. Mi Band 5 will not be too expensive and the pricing will be moderate. Xiaomi will launch the Mi Band 5 in different colour schemes as per the rumours and according to the leaked pictures. Mi Band 5 is rumoured to get NFC support and this feature will rock the sales of the band.

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