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Xiaomi launches an affordable Petbit and a $95 Mijia 3-axis Gimbal

Xiaomi is known for providing value for money products, and the company has almost presence in most smart gadgets, and now the Chinese giant has stepped into the smart pet gadgets with its Petbit tracker for pets. And on top of that Xiaomi also has a newly affordable gimbal to excite the filmmaker in you with its Mijia 3-axis gimbal for smartphones. And both these smart gadgets can be had without breaking the bank. Xiaomi’s pocket-friendly nature is one of the reasons that the company cuts the competition and thus setting a new price to performance ratio in the market, and these two devices are no exception.

Starting with the Petbit, which sounds very similar to Fitbit, but this one is for pets and can be attached to your pet’s neck belt, like a mi band for pets. There’s also a QR code on the petbit to identify who this pet belongs to, which is very handy if it gets lost. Petbit can also survive for a very long time that’s up to 30 days before needing a charge. Plus it is also IPX certified meaning; your pet goes into the dusty and watery area’s wearing it without anything for you to worry.

Image shows the Petbit attached to a dog’s collar, Image Courtesy. MI store

If your pets go out in the dark and you’re unable to find him there’s also a Bright Blue LED that flashes up for you to see the pet. Keeping various pets in mind, the device is also very lightweight and weights around at just 26gms; another feature that it packs is to track your pet’s fitness data and GPS as well. The device is priced at CNY 199 which translates into 2.1k /-INR in Indian currency.

Image Courtesy: zapals. com

Now speaking about the affordable Mijia 3-axis Gimbal from Xiaomi, it is priced at CNY 599 that’s 6400/- INR. The 3-axis gimbal as the name suggests features three-axis stabilization for smooth videos as well as quick 360 degrees rotates and also sports precise acceleration sensors for smooth movements. The gimbal is also very lightweight and also seems compact. It’s powered by a huge 5000mAh battery which should last you quite for a while.

Furthermore, that battery can also charge your device while it’s mounted on it. Xiaomi plans to make it available for sale on 16th June in China, and we hope that it also reaches the Indian shores pretty soon as this will change the Indian YouTube community and will encourage small channels to produce quality content.

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