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Xiaomi launched AirPods clones called AirDots

One of the major reason behind Apple becoming the first trillion dollar company was the very healthy profit margins it attaches to products. For instance, Apple AirPods is valued at $159, while Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi is releasing the same thing for nearly $30.

The AirPods released by Xiaomi are called AirDots. The AirDots are white in color, have no wires, and just slot into your ears when in use. They also include a white charging case for the AirDots to sit in and recharge.

[Source: 91Mobiles]
Unlike the AirPods, the AirDots have silicone tips that are going to allow a better sound isolation and a more secure fit. They also support Bluetooth 5.0.

These AirPods don’t have any noise-canceling or water resistant technology. These are not the AirPods you’d worry too much about misplacing unlike the AirPods(Apple) at over five times the price.

From these AirPods, it is pretty much clear that it is going to be pretty much in future to a point where it is going to continue to trickle where they could plausibly be included in the box with phones soon. Xiaomi is the perfect example of it, as at the start of this year they introduced a $15 wireless charger and now it’s part of the package you get with the new Mi Mix 3 phone.

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