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Xiaomi announces a new 50-inch UHD Mi TV 4A for $373


Xiaomi is looking forward to expanding its line of smart TVs, and the company has just announced a new model; making the total count of televisions to pass more than a dozen. This new addition comes as model number Mi TV 4A and boasts a 50-inch display.

And this one also packs a bunch of features such as HDR10 plus support; it attains with a refresh rate of 60Hz for silky smooth playback of videos/media. Resolution wise we are looking at a 4K UHD panel here, that’s about 3840 x 2160 pixels. Moreover, it also comes equipped with Dolby Atmos surround sound, and on top of that you also get combined lossless/lossy codec, that’s dtsHD bundled with it. Specs-wise, the Mi TV 4A 50-inch model, is powered by an Amlogic L962 chip which is a quad-core processor and has 8GB of built-in storage and has 2GB of RAM.

Image Courtesy: gizmochina. com


As we said, earlier this is a Smart TV characteristic so all the content from the internet can be viewed on here. Apart from that as this is Xiaomi you should expect loads of nifty little features and this one is no exception, the Chinese giant has also added voice controls in the remote.

Connectivity options range from 2 USB ports, 3 HDMI ports, one ethernet port, and also an S/PDIF audio output port is present here. Furthermore, Xiaomi has expanded its capabilities by giving it Bluetooth 4.1 support, using which you can connect mouse and keyboard and get a partial desktop-like experience limited to web-content.

As far as pricing is concerned, it is very affordable, coming at just ¥2399 which translates to $373 (Rs. 24k INR). Registration of this new 50-inch model begins from 19th JAN. On the sales day which is on 23rd Jan, Xiaomi will throw in a discount offer of ¥100 ($15).

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