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Windows Phone will not get new Software Updates anymore

Earlier in 2017, Microsoft admitted that the Windows phone platform is dead and after that, it will not receive any big update, which means no new development will be made to the Windows phone. The latest news coming from the house of Microsoft is painful for the Windows phone users as Brandon LeBlanc(Windows Insider Senior Program Manager) has revealed that the existing Window phones will not be receiving any updates in the insider program which is a sign of the end the Windows mobile OS platform.

The image is showing a smartphone running Windows OS.
Image courtesy: win-tab .net

Recently on Twitter Brandon LeBlanc has posted that “No more Builds are coming” which means that the development of insider builds has stopped too. Earlier Microsoft has confirmed that Windows phone will not receive any new major update but they will continue to provide support related to security issues and other general terms, but now it seems like situation for Windows phone users and developers has changed. Another Microsoft Insider Jason has posted “Plans Change. Such is the nature of things” according to us; there might be some strategy involved in this.

Image of a Windows phone.
Image courtesy: .io

The last update received by the devices were the Fall Creator update, and with no further updates, Windows devices are like a combination of powerful hardware+weak software. Currently, two Windows devices are available in the market for sale, and if you own one, then you can continue to use it but do note that the device will not be going to receive any software advancements, Apps development, new OS updates, etc. According to us, the OS will soon be going to end soon as without timely updates no major OS can survive, the world of technology is highly dynamic and everything needs to change with the time else it will become obsolete.

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