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Windows 10’s latest update brings native Clipboard manager.

We often find ourselves stuck in a situation where we try to copy and paste a link or address, but later realize that it’s already overwritten on the clipboard with something else. However, surprisingly these annoying limitations of Windows are ready to get diminished, as, Microsoft in their Build 2018 Developer conference has announced a couple of key updates, and among those crucial updates they have also apparently included this new clipboard feature which is very soon coming up with a monthly update.

Now what it basically does is it keeps all the history of things are copied and pasted, including plain text, HTML, and images under a file size of 1MB. Furthermore a user can also pin those click board terms according to their frequency of usage, such as phone numbers & address.

Now, the question is how it works, well, those of who have the latest insider build, can easily activate the new clipboard by going to Settings > System > Clipboard, and then tap on ‘Save multiple items.’ once that’s done, the clipboard can be easily triggered by pressing ‘Win+V’ to access, which shows up as a small pop up window.

Win 10 Clipboard manager

However, it is also expected that users will also be able to copy text between their Windows 10 phone and TV, apart from that the clipboard automatically syncs between cross-platform of Windows 10 devices.

Besides that it might not be a big deal for some users as they can already use such kind of functionality provided by third-party apps and services, and even bing also has an inbuilt clipboard manager, but it’s always better to have a native clipboard integrated inside the windows, which makes things more productive as well as convenient.


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