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Windows 10 April 2018 Update To Arrive This Monday

Microsoft’s Windows 10 Spring Creators update was bound to release this early April. Because of an enormous bug, they had to move the release date to the end of April. Microsoft will release the update for manual download on April 30. It’ll be officially out for every Windows 10 PC on May 8th.

The name has also changed as it was referred to as the “Spring Creators Update” earlier, but now it’s being referred as the “April 2018 Update”. Everyone was excited for this update until Microsoft decided to delay it a bit more.

Windows 10 April 2018 update

What’s new in the Windows 10 April 2018 Update is the question right now? For you to recall, the new update would include a Timeline feature so that you can see the apps worked recently. There are some cool features being added to the Edge browser as well. Turning to the Cortana, Cortana will now have the Focus Assist feature to help you out with important selective notifications. And also Microsoft is giving in a new design for the Xbox Game Bar.

These features are already out on the Inside Program of Windows and can be accessed by anyone who is already opted for them. These updates look like a minor update, but you must have to say that small details make big difference. Apart from this, the Redstone 5 Update is coming soon as well. This will give us the inclusion of clever tabs for apps. Leaving that aside, we do get the added ability to have the dark mode on the leftover apps like the File Explorer. The company haven’t made any plans for the name yet but is still looking for the feedback from users. Regarding the excitement, everyone is very much excited for it, but at the same time, the delays are spoiling the mood. Hopefully, if all aspects go perfectly, we’ll be able to see Windows 10 doing a great job anytime soon with the Redstone 5 update.

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