Whatsapp to bring spam messages filtering soon

Whatsapp has been a great way to send messages to many contacts at once, but this feature has brought its own set of side-effects such as the wild spreading of fake messages and within them is a whole host of Spam messages and messages which could potentially be phishing links which trick you to give your details. And many users unknowingly get fooled by such messages and fake news and forward it many contacts from their contact list and also publish them, in Whatsapp groups.

However, the Facebook-owned messaging service is now looking forward to putting an end to this spread of bogus news, circulating its service. Whatsapp will implement a new system that will try to detect a piece of a message which has gone viral and has been forwarded to various groups and contacts. When such a piece is found a warning will pop-up, mentioning that it could be a Spam message to the user who is forwarding that message to every contact and also in groups.

Image Courtesy: wabetainfo. com

The warning shall pop-up when you try to forward it to more than 25 contacts, however when you have to have sent it to more than 25 people, then you shall use the broadcast feature within Whatsapp. However, who will decide or how will Whatsapp decide which news is Fake and which isn’t, you can’t manually check every message, there’re billions of them being created each day.

Lastly, Whatsapp is still testing this feature on iOS, and it is yet unknown how will they filter messages and when will Android get this feature. But one thing that will be arriving in future this year is Payments for Whatsapp.

Source: WABetainfo


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