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WhatsApp Support on some iPhones May Stop next Year

Well, known and popular messaging app for both iOS as well as android is WhatsApp and there are millions of users on it. The free messaging app has been around for some time now and has a lot of features that everyone likes. Recent news has come forward from WhatsApp that with new updates some iPhones might not be supported by WhatsApp. It’s more like iOS is not supported than iPhones as the app will work only on iOS 9 and above devices. Everyone with the iOS 8 working on their devices can use WhatsApp for some months for now.

WhatsApp Support on iPhones May Stop

It’s until February 1st of 2020 that WhatsApp will work on devices running on iOS 8 so your device might work the same until then. It’s updated by WhatsApp that your devices running on iOS 8 will support WhatsApp till Feb 1st, 2020. Not a big deal if your device supports iOS 9 but some people go outdated and it’s important for them to update now. Users can’t even make a new WhatsApp account on the iOS 8 running devices while they can use it Feb. Adding more WhatsApp have said they don’t restrict the use of jailbroken or unlocked devices but for some reason, they can’t allow support to these devices as well.

The jailbroken and unlocked devices won’t be supporting WhatsApp soon enough. The same kind of notification was given for Android devices that are running on old versions. Outdated Android devices won’t be supported by WhatsApp after 1st Feb. It doesn’t seem like a big issue but finally, maybe you might have to update your outdated iPhone. It’s iOS 13 that was launched recently so iOS 9 isn’t too much that’s asked by WhatsApp.

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