WhatsApp Now Supports Group Videocall

If you work from your laptop then you must know how important it is to use WhatsApp on your laptop to communicate or to receive important documents straight to your laptop without having to transfer it to your phone. WhatsApp web has proved to be one of the most important aspects of your daily communication while working. WhatsApp is soon bringing call functionality to desktops and their websites. if you use WhatsApp web on your laptop or your PC then you will now be able to call right from your PC with the help of a pair of headphones and even with the help of your speakers.

The recent lockdown all over the world has made people work primarily from their homes and you frequently have to make video calls and audio calls through WhatsApp to your clients for your colleagues from work. you no longer have to switch apps and login to another app to make a video call you can just do it right in WhatsApp and that too on your laptop or your PC. you will also be able to make group video calls using this feature on your laptop and it can also prove to be essential for students who are studying and receiving their classes online.

You no longer have to use a third party app and pay their subscription fee in order to make effortless video calls. You can now host video conferences with over 10 people and engage in meetings right from your home without having to use any third party app that you might not trust to install on your device. Almost everyone nowadays has WhatsApp on their smartphone so it will also be easy to convince everyone to just start video calling instead of downloading another app to do so.

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