Whatsapp now lets you listen to your voice messages before sending

WhatsApp’s latest update in 2018 is really exciting and will please many users, who use the voice messaging specialty a lot. Moreover, this is the second feature that Whatsapp had under development, earlier this week the world’s most extensive messaging service implemented the Switching element, which allowed the user to switch between voice calls and video calls, during the Live call itself.

However, the latter is only available for the beta version of the app, while the new feature resolves the previously faced issue, which didn’t allow users to listen to their voice messages before sending them to any contact. But now Whatsapp has addressed it and added it, and now users can listen to their complete voice message before throwing them away.

Nonetheless, it is now available and is a massive relief for the heavy users of this feature. Previously, we have also seen, WhatsApp rolled out another utility option, which didn’t require the user to press the voice message button, while recording, and now this addition means Whatsapp is regularly keen on improving the new experimental features and turning them into a highly stable alternative to the traditional options.

Image Courtesy: @WABetaInfo

Furthermore, in next update is said to bring the ability to store these recorded messages locally on your device’s storage. So, when an unexpected event happens; for instance, a call pops up your message won’t get discarded, and will be stored locally for using it next time. Along with an option to delete the voice communication, as you can see in the leaked image mentioned above.

Lastly, this is also the year, where we could see WhatsApp roll out it’s highly anticipated Payments system.


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