WhatsApp might introduce a feature like Snapchat’s transitory messages

WhatsApp keeps on releasing new amazing features to stay in the market of apps. In recent months, many messaging apps are introducing new features because there is too much competition about this in the world.

Everyone wants to be the center of attention. WhatsApp had already copied Snapchat by releasing WhatsApp Status which is exactly same like Snapchat Stories feature.

[Source: thenextweb.com]
Now, there are certain reports that WhatsApp is trying to introduce a feature like Snapchat’s transitory messaging feature.

WhatsApp Status, which is just like Snapchat stories, now has massive 450 million daily active users as compared to Snapchat’s 188 million.

There is this huge difference of users even after Snapchat tons of features such as 24-hour disappearing slideshows missing tons of features, including selfie masks, animated GIFs, or personalized avatars like Bitmoji.

Snapchat lost total daily users in Q2 and Q3 2018 and even lost Rest Of World daily users in Q2.

All this resulted in the huge downfall of Snapchat. Now, WhatsApp is all set to copy another feature of Snapchat that is Ephemeral Messaging feature.

Nowadays generation got away from Facebook because everything is saved on Profile Timeline and can be seen at any time. This generation wanted a platform which won’t save their activity and prevent from an embarrassment in future. Snapchat captured this idea to become a cultural staple for the younger generation.

WhatsApp allows you to send pictures, videos, gifs, and texts which are for permeant basis. There is this option of deleting the sent message, but it only works for an hour after a message is sent. That’s far from the default ephemerality of Snapchat.

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