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WhatsApp is Adding a ‘QR Code Shortcut’ to make Scanning and Sharing of QR Codes Easy

Whatsapp has been developing a dedicated “QR Code Shortcut” that will allow its users to easily scan QR codes and make new contacts on the go without having to put a lot of time or effort into the process. Now people will be able to just whip out their phones and start scanning the QR codes of the other person and this will eliminate the need to ask for the phone number of the person you are talking to you just have to ask for them to show their QR code to you and you can connect with them right away.

WhatsApp is Adding a 'QR Code Shortcut'

This feature is still in its beta phase but you can expect the feature to be rolled out in the latest update of the app which would come really soon because this is a very important feature which has been missing from WhatsApp for a long time. this feature will eliminate the need for you to ask for phone numbers which can be a cumbersome task and the people you are asking for phone numbers might get educated by your inquisition. the feature was already present in the outgoing app of WhatsApp but it was very hard to find that feature in the app itself but now with the help of the dedicated button, every user will be just one tap away from the main screen to access this feature and start adding new contacts very easily. 

the other social apps such as LinkedIn and Instagram already have this feature built-in and are taking advantage of this feature to allow people to connect with others very easily without having to ask their details and go into the search box and type in those details in order to connect with their social profiles and it will also be a more fluid experience as you are not typing in something and then socializing.

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