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WhatsApp iOS beta to come with new Features like Splash Screen and Contact icon

WhatsApp is one of the very popular and widely used platforms for chatting and keeping people in contact in a secure way. The number of users just means the app must keep giving features to stay popular and not fail to compete with others. The number of chatting apps keeps on increasing with time and everyone needs new features and changes. WhatsApp has decided to bring some changes to the iOS version and these new features are under beta phase for now. Just like any other feature before getting a stable version rollout these features are going through the beta phase for the new WhatsApp iOS update.

WhatsApp iOS beta

Some changes that are getting worked on in the beta version include a new splash screen, read recipient, notification, and group icon, etc. These leaks are all sourced by WABetaInfo that keep track of all the insides of what’s in the beta program of WhatsApp. The new Splash screen now brings up Facebook into the details as WhatsApp is now under Facebook. The Splash screen has the version info and company name in it. The new read recipient icon in the beta version is brighter and bolder than the older icon.

WhatsApp was also working on a new feature that allows using the same account over different devices and part of it is leaked in this version. To use the account on another device registration code will be required and this is provided by notification. Some other features that you might like include the new group and profile photo icons. The new profile picture icon will let you know when someone blocked you or has removed their profile picture. This is quite a handful of beta update WhatsApp is working on with new features for iOS users.

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