Web version of Google Duo to be launched by Google

According to some reports, Google is going to release web version for its Duo video calling app in the upcoming weeks.

This launch indicates that a variety of devices will be able to benefit from this growing service. Google Duo has, up to now, only been available in the form of an app from the Google Play Store or the iOS App Store, and on its Smart Display platform.

[Source: iTunes – Apple]
Just like the previous web versions of Google Allo, and more recently Google Messages for the web, the web version of Google Duo will support Google’s own Chrome browser and likely other major browsers such as Mozilla Firefox and Apple’s Safari.

Also like those web apps, Duo will presumably take advantage of browser notifications for incoming calls.

There is not much info about how much of the current functionality from the mobile version of Duo will be available on the web version, but it’s pretty much sure that at the very least, it will have major Duo features such as “knock knock” and the feature of leaving video messages.

Since Google Duo already optionally uses a Google account for authentication, it seems likely that the web version will primarily authenticate via that method as well.

A web client isn’t the only big new feature coming to Google Duo soon. We also saw group calling feature last month, and now there are reports coming out that a feature of contact favoriting and a new low light mode will also come in distant future.

Unlike its spiritual sibling Google Allo, which Google announced last month will be shuttered entirely, Google Duo has seen wide-reaching success by some reports. For one, the app passed more than 1 billion downloads on the Play Store in December.

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