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Wear OS finally gets the Dark Sky app

Wear OS has finally received the Dark Sky app, with the company behind the weather app announcing today that the watch extension will be available as part of its premium subscription on Android.

A big name such as Dark Sky finally coming to the Wear OS is the type of thing that would have been mindblowing for this platform a few years ago, but now it doesn’t make a big difference as it is just like ticking a box on a feature list.

[Source: The Verge]
Wear OS hasn’t been such a good platform for some years, operating on poor software support from Google and poor hardware options from suppliers, to say nothing of third-party app developers. And seeing a big app coming to it is not going to change the reality.

At the start of this year, Dark Sky redesigned its mobile app for Android and iOS. The latter client included a new Apple Watch app that is now coming to Wear OS.

There is also support for different types of complications on Wear OS, such as current temperature, condition, and next-hour precipitation.

The Wear OS app is going to let users search for a location through different options such as voice or text input with the keyboard, while saved locations are synced from the phone app.

Dark Sky for Wear OS will be launched in the next few days through the Google Play Store. 

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