We could see MediaTek Chips powering iPhones from next year

We for quite a few months have known about the Apple and Qualcomm’s dispute, and now Apple is thinking to reduce their reliance on Qualcomm by moving with MediaTek for its baseband modem chipsets.

Choosing the parts are the most important thing while making a Mobile Phone and if any part happens to be performing below the expected level than it can leave issues with the overall performance. MediaTek happens to be another great chipset manufacturer after Qualcomm and Intel.

This year Apple has already shared the Qualcomm’s load with Intel for its modem chipsets. Apple is the worlds best company when it comes to choosing hardware for its smartphone, and this makes the iPhones live so long. Apple has always kept three basic principles to be met with its every supplier from which MediaTek happens to be fulfilling every principle sets.

The three principles are as follow:

  • Companies must offer leading technological competitiveness
  • Must have comprehensive product blueprints
  • Must have reliable logistic support.

Not only on the iPhones but also on Smart Speakers, Wireless Charging devices and other devices will also include the chipsets from MediaTek. This makes it clear that the HomePod and AirPower are going to get the chips from MediaTek.

The issue can get solved if Qualcomm is acquired by Broadcom which will be a nice thing as till now all the chips from Qualcomm happened to be without any issue and supported the customers for years.

What do you think about Apple’s move of moving with MediaTek chips instead of Qualcomm? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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