WatchOS 7: Coming Up With Some Cool Features For Your Apple Watch

Apple is one of the top companies and it provides a lot of gadgets and stuff that people love. We have the iPhone from Apple and they run on iOS which is the most stable OS available for smartphones. Apple is famous for its security and iOS is the safest operating system you can ever get. People are talking about iOS 14 a lot and it is coming soon but Apple is not limited to iOS only. There is one more update coming soon from Apple which is for the Apple Watch.

WatchOS 7 is coming soon for the Apple Watch and it will come with a lot of features which weren’t there before and were needed. You will love the update for sure because it will come with some new animations and skins for your Apple Watch. As we know that there won’t be a lot of features because it’s Apple Watch but WatchOS 7 won’t disappoint the users for sure. We can expect the new update of WatchOS later this fall and it will be packed with features that are mentioned below so let’s have a look at them:

  • The most sensational and useful feature right now is the 20-second timer that will start automatically when you’ll wash your hands. Your Apple Watch will automatically start the timer when it’ll feel movements of hands.

  • Your Apple Watch will track your workout and it will trace each and every calorie which you’ll burn while doing workout and it will have a dance workout mode too.

  • You will get some new and cool watch faces in the WatchOS 7 as users are bored with previous watch faces.

  • Accurate Sleep Tracking feature that will track your sleep intensely.

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