Wallpaper That Bricked Everyone’s Phones: The Secret Is Out

Recently we got a new virus-like wallpaper which would brick our device if we apply it as the wallpaper of our device. Many people bricked their devices by applying that wallpaper and it was a real thing. Some devices would come back to normal if the user has some knowledge about bricking and all. This wallpaper was the worst for Samsung devices because each and everyone who applied this wallpaper in their Samsung devices got their phone bricked. The phone would restart itself after applying that wallpaper and everyone was curious about the secret of that wallpaper.

That wallpaper basically soft-bricks devices and some devices even work after even applying it as wallpaper but they face crashing issues frequently. That wallpaper was shot by a photographer and he didn’t do it intentionally, as he claims. When he was editing the picture which he clicked, he chose the wrong format which phones do not support. After the picture got viral because the photograph was beautiful, people started applying it as the wallpaper of their devices. This thing caused all the trouble and people started worrying about their devices and why shouldn’t they because a wallpaper bricked their devices.

Everyone thought that the wallpaper is cursed but it was in a format which smartphones do not support. That thing made the devices go to the restart screen again and again. After the tweet of the photographer, people realised that it was a technical issue. The photographer who clicked this picture didn’t apply the picture as the wallpaper of his device and that is the reason why he wasn’t aware of the situation, he says.

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