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Vivo becomes the first OEM to demo in-screen Fingerprint sensor

Find out who takes the cake in implementing under the display fingerprint reader.

Synaptics the company that has turned the under the display fingerprint scanner from concept to reality, and just announced the first one to boast such an advanced security feature. And it’s not Samsung, but a Chinese OEM named Vivo, who also first showed us a demo piece of this tech in one of its phones earlier and is now the official OEM to have the first fingerprint reader under the display.

Vivo is a well-known brand in China and as well as in India, it is quite infamous in the country due to its absurd marketing and the way it goes to promote company’s name in the country. However, the company has embedded the tiny CMOS device measuring just 0.7mm thick scanner under an OLED display, which is also good news for people who like AMOLED displays, because all cool things like 120Hz display were all using LCD. This doesn’t rule out the possibility whether this can be done with an LCD or not.

The sensor only draws 80mA of power and word by capturing the reflection that occurs between the AMOLED pixels. The triggering, detection and unlocking processes took just 0.7 seconds which is quite fast for a first gen tech but still lags behind the traditional way which only takes 0.2 seconds. However, it’s still faster than the face recognition, which requires more than a second to do so. Chipmaker Qualcomm is also working on the same tech, but there’s no announcement yet from their side.


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