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Vivaldi Browser Comes To Android

For android users, there are too many apps to choose from be it the essential, utility, or any other app. Out of the many apps, browsers are quite a useful app for most of us as everyone is on the internet. Most of the people stick to Google chrome on android devices while there are still many other options out there. Recently another one of the popular browsing apps just got added to the list for Androids. Vivaldi is the internet browser developed by one of the Opera’s Co-creators after leaving Opera. This browser came to the android platform last year but it was in its beta phase this whole time until now.

Vivaldi browser is mainly made with features like security and customization features for users. In 2016 the browser was originally made for desktop and later came to the Android system. The features of this browser do make it a good choice other than the mainstream options. It is the first time that the browser has come to the Android platform in a stable version. This android version is a miniature adaption of the desktop version of Vivaldi with some tweaks.

The browser comes with all the different features like multi-tab, inbuilt dark mode, speed dial and other gestures like swipe to close tabs. For security, the Vivaldi browser has an inbuilt adblocker so you don’t get the annoying troublesome ads while browsing. The tracker radar tool of the DuckDuckGo browser is also used in it to make it a tracking blocker. Vivaldi browser has all the features that one would like to have on a browser for safe browsing. It might take some time before Vivaldi becomes popular on android but it has finally come to a first stable version on the Android platform.

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