Vine successor, Byte is coming next spring

Last year in November, the co-founder of Vine Dom Hofmann confirmed that they are working on a “follow-up” to the popular six-second video sharing app VINE. After some months, Hoffman said that they are going to delay the development of Vine 2.0 due to financial and legal issues.

Vine was acquired by Twitter back in 2012, just before it was released for the public. It seemed like a huge success for Twitter in the start, but Twitter shut the service down in 2016. Vine served as a launching platform for many celebrities and musicians, but according to Twitter, they took it down because of monetization issues.

[Source: 9to5Mac]
This time Dom Hofmann tweeted that :

“our new looping video app is called byte. launching spring 2019″

There is not much information regarding how this new app Byte will work but according to Hofmann, it is officially the project formerly known as v2, which had a publicized and transparent process with dedicated fan forums for around six months starting last November.

Back in May Hofmann delayed the project v2 for an indefinite amount of time, because of financial and logical issues, as well as his day job running an immersive entertainment studio called Innerspace VR. Hofmann kept the discussion going on different public forums, and now it seems like he’s now squared away some type of funding to get v2 off the ground as Byte.

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