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Users Could Soon Unlock Their iPhone

As we all know that Apple is evolving and the new generation Apple device does not come with a fingerprint scanner. You can only unlock your device with the face recognition which is very safe when it comes to Apple. Apple is trying to innovate and they nearly vanished fingerprint scanner from their new devices. Yet we can see a fingerprint scanner in iPhone SE 2020 but the phone is overall not the best. You get the latest chipset in iPhone SE but the battery and the screen with bezels are a major drawback.

Due to Coronavirus, people are wearing masks and if they are out for some work, they can’t remove it. For unlocking their new generation iPhones, they need to unlock it by face recognition or by entering the passcode. The passcode is a slow way to unlock any phone and with the mask, we can’t unlock our device by face recognition. Apple recently launched a new update which is now in the final developer testing stage. You can unlock your iPhone with your mask on through this new feature soon. Our safety is the priority and Apple knows that so they will launch a new update for their face recognition feature super soon. This feature was needed and Apple launched it.

Developers are testing the new feature and when it will be stable, Apple will launch it officially for every user. You will have to update your device to iOS 13.5 to enable this feature in your iPhone. The new iOS 13.5 will come with some new features too and some bug fixes. Just stay tuned and update your iPhone as soon as they launch it publicly.

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