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Useful Gmail Feature Unspoken of 

There are a lot of apps and services that have come around over time but not all are the same. One of the best service providers around is Google that has all the different apps and services. Gmail is the mailing service by Google and is also one of the leading right now. The app has all the features that you need in an e-mail related app. The accessibility to all the mails and features to attach files and documents etc are common features. There is now a new feature that is not very well known but it is quite useful. This is the feature that keeps you safe from attacks happening through emails.

This feature that isn’t well known to all is actually a security feature that is getting used since 2019. Since late 2019 Google is scanning documents in the search for malware. This is done using deep algorithms that can detect malware sent to you through attachments in emails. You must have already heard of cases where users lose their system just because they opened an attachment in an email. With this feature, such ill-intent emails will never reach you and will be terminated before they reach you.

Google is using this feature or tool for not so long but has made good progress with it. Detection of hacks in emails is done with more accuracy with it. Currently, the tool can only scan Office files and no other documents. Even with tools like this around you are the one responsible for being safe by not becoming a victim to attackers. Results with this tool have increased daily detection rate by10% for Google. There are older scanning technologies that are working alongside it to give better results keeping hackers away fromusers.


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