Upcoming Motorola Mid-range Smartphone

Motorola is back in the game as it was not launching any good flagship-level smartphone but now we have Motorola Edge+. This is the flagship of Motorola and it has a sick display with lots of curves in it. Motorola Edge+ defines its name as it has very large edges and this smartphone is all about display. This device is making its place and now Motorola is planning on launching a new device that is Moto G9 Plus. Motorola has a mid-range series called Moto G and we have decent devices from Moto G series.

The upcoming Moto G9 Plus will support 30W fast charging and this is new for mid-range Motorola phones. You will get a massive 4,700mAh battery with the upcoming Moto G9 Plus and it is surely enough to run the whole day without any problem. You will get Android 10 out of the box with the Moto G9 Plus. There is not much information available about this upcoming Moto G9 Plus right now and these all are just leaks and rumours too. Users are waiting for Motorola to give some kind of confirmation that they are working on Moto G9 Plus and people should wait for it or not.

Moto G9 Plus will not be an expensive device as you all know that it is a mid-range device so it can’t be expensive even if the company wants. You will see the pricing of the upcoming Moto G9 Plus around $300. The pricing will be justified it seems because Moto G9 Plus seems to be quite good for day to day use and keep in mind that it is a mid-range device.

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