UK Bars Network Locking Phones

The United Kingdom has announced a ban on network service providers selling locked phones that can only work on one network. Selling log phones is a common practice for a number of different service providers around the globe in many countries where service providers will give you benefits and discounts while buying your new smartphone if you buy a log smartphone that you will be using with one network only. Many new phones are available for a discount when buying from a specific network carrier that gives you a locked phone that can only work with their service.

Users can also get the new version of their smartphone by trading in their old smartphone for a small monthly fee which is the very attractive offer for people who are looking to upgrade their smartphones. Users can also unlock their smartphones but it costs around £10 and more often than not their smartphones will experience some sort of problems after they have unlocked their smartphones. Users are required to input a code to unlock their smartphones and many times faster users are faced to wait a long time to receive the code.

Many X the code does not work even after waiting a long time to receive it. Finally the United Kingdom has decided to bar the practice of locking smartphones to a particular service provider. This is a major victory for all smartphone users living in the United Kingdom because they will now get an unlocked phone no matter where they are buying it from and they can switch carriers any time they wish. This will also prove to be helpful for people who do not realise that their phones are network locked and they lose service when they try to switch networks.

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