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UFS 3.1 Flash Storage Standard Is Here

UFS or Univeral Flash Storage that is mainly used in camera storages and in phones is not the newest technology. UFS is used for its features that allow faster read speed and battery efficiency that is important for portable devices. Till now UFS 3.0 has been around that you might have seen in the mid-range or high-end smartphones. In 2019 some smartphones like Oneplus 7 Pro and Galaxy flagships were coming with it providing faster storage processing. Now JEDEC Solid State Technology Association has announced the next version of UFS that is UFS 3.1 standard. This UFS 3.1 is said to be faster and more efficient than the older UFS 3.0 standard.

UFS 3.1 it is that is also going to be the latest version of UFS so far performing the best as well till time. UFS 3.0 standard was first used by Oneplus last year in the Oneplus 7 Pro so you might want to expect the OnePlus 8 to have the 3.1 before anyone else. The mid, as well as high-end smartphones, come with UFS that is a faster and power-efficient Flash Storage Standard. Low end or entry-level smartphones lack it and have eMMC storage that isn’t power-efficient and fast with reading or writing.

Many good things are there in UFS 3.1 that include its faster writing capacity. This is due to the SLC non-volatile cache. Another feature that makes it good is the deep sleep that some low-end devices might need for power regulation. Smart features that are accessible to users are important and performance throttling notification in UFS 3.1 is one of those. You get notified about the storage throttling every time it happens due to high temperatures while gaming or heavy usage. UFS 3.1 is yet to be seen and only a few smartphones are expected to come with it.

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