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TWS May Come Along With Flagship Smartphones

Smartphone users have got used to buying earphones or headphones by themselves in these last couple of years. This change happened due to the fact that most of the leading smartphones are no longer coming along with earphones. The most popular of leading smartphone brands include Xiaomi, Samsung, Apple, etc and most of the chinse based companies are no longer providing earpieces in the box. The Chinese companies are doing great even without Earphones with affordable smartphones. Now there is news that some companies are going to bring TWS with flagship devices in a couple of years.

TWS is for Truly wireless stereo and is the wireless earpiece that works with Bluetooth. This year many companies came up with earbuds and other TWS gadgets. Apple already is popular for its airpods and then came out different such earpieces from other companies. These TWS are the next generation of wireless gadgets and are easy to use superior to the wired sets. For now, Xiaomi doesn’t even provide any type of earphones for any of the devices. Samsung and Apple do provide earphones with their smartphones in the box. Xiaomi isn’t as big of a brand as Apple and Samsung but it have grown with popularity during last few years.

These three brands are said to bring changes to accessories that are available in box as they add TWS. This change is not made for all the devices by these brands for now and is limited to flagship devices. Flagship devices are the most popular and best devices that the company has in the market. If this is going to happen then in the year 2020 while buying a flagship device from any of these companies you won’t have to worry about which earphones to buy.

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