Twitter might remove the “Like” button

It was reported by The Telegraph that Twitter is thinking about removing the “Like” button from Twitter. It was hinted by Twitter’s CEO, Jack Dorsey in a Twitter event last week that “wasn’t a fan of the heart-shaped button” and “would be getting rid of it soon.”

That quote by the CEO of Twitter was taken as an immediate threat that the “Like” button might soon be removed from Twitter.Twitter users reacted to it very angrily that the “Like” helped them to show support to others use and offer solidarity.

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Some said that without the “Like” button “Retweet” button and replies section of a tweet would be the only mean of communication.

Twitter CEO said the same thing about the “Like” button in the past too. Back in August, he said that:

The most important thing that we can do is we look at the incentives that we’re building into our product… I don’t think they are correct anymore.

The incentives encouraged by a like button are certainly being questioned by Twitter, but as the company stated today, the button will still stick around for now.

According to studies it has been revealed that the “Like” button has different effects on different people, some people feel good when someone likes their tweet and some people don’t feel anything.

[Source: Telegraph]

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