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Tumblr is back in Apple’s App Store

Apple banned the official Tumblr app from the App Store back in November over child pornography issues, and in wake of these events, an announcement was made from Tumblr two weeks ago that they are going to block all the adult content on their website.

So now because of it, Tumblr has been restored on App Store and is once again available to download.

[Source: The Verge]
Tumblr has been now focusing more on aggressive content moderation over the months that it’s been under the stewardship of Verizon’s Oath, adding features like soon to be an obsolete safe mode that will automatically filter out the adult content.

It will be quite interesting to see how this adult content ban is going to affect this platform, because it was a home to a lot of risque fan art and fan fiction, as well as nude photos, for a very long time.

But some content will still be allowed under certain conditions including breasts within the context of breastfeeding, birth and other health-related situations, newsworthy events that just happen to have nudity and nudity in art.

Tumblr’s ban won’t come into action until December 17th, which indicates that there will be a few more days where the app will be available with adult content before the pending ban will come into the action.

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