Tumblr got deleted from Apple’s App Store because of child pornography issues

Over the last weekend, there were certain reports that Tumblr’s official iOS app got removed from the App Store. There were no clear reports about the reason at that time, but there are reports coming out today that the app was removed due to the discovery of child pornography.

Tumblr app for iOS went missing from the App Store since the 16th November, but until today there was no known reason regarding the absence of it and initially, Tumblr simply said they were “working to resolve the issue with the iOS app.”

[Source: The Verge]
In a new statement made by Tumblr, they said that every which is uploaded on this platform is  “scanned against an industry database of child sexual abuse material” to filter out explicit images, a “routine audit” found out content that was absent from the database, allowing it to go through the filter.

Tumblr did say that content was removed immediately from the site, but its app continues to be unavailable on the App Store. It’s still available in the Google Play store for Android users, however.

There are still not any news issued by both Tumblr and Apple regarding when the Tumblr app might return to the App Store.

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