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Truecaller starts moderating caller ID search to convince users for Pro subscription.

Truecaller, the thriving app that has gained a hell lot of attention along with a couple of controversies related to its privacy concerns is an all-in-one app which is predominantly used by millions of users over the globe to get familiar with unknown callers & also to deal with never-ending spam.

Meanwhile, Truecaller rolled out an announcement which was received by a couple of users as a notification, stating that they only have a limited number of caller identifications left. And however, this isn’t practically a bluff. The company itself confirmed that they are experimenting with the most active users in their platform.

Where in this experimental phase every user will get a limit of 100 Caller ID searches per month. However, its worth to mention that this will not include the dialed number caller ID in the call log, and also contact search capabilities, so you can rest assured on that front.

According to Truecallers support page

“As Truecaller is committed to making your communication as efficient and safe as possible, we need to look at means to continue providing our service to our users. We want to ask the users who derive the most benefit from our services to consider upgrading to a Pro subscription.”

However, this might be surprising to many people to know that Truecaller also has a paid ‘PRO’ subscription at an affordable price point, which obviously lets users connect with other people by just typing their names on the search bar and also it gives an ad-free experience to them. Apart from that, it also gives users a special privilege to find out who has viewed Truecaller profile. And it’s perhaps the actual reason behind all of these limitations.

In another way, this initiative will also help Truecaller to grow more revenue, and it will also draw a lot of people’s attention towards this ‘PRO’ subscription plan, especially those who aren’t quite familiar to it and would also consider Truecaller on a day-to-day basis depending upon their usage.


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