Trial date set for Qualcomm’s lawsuit against Apple

Qualcomm accused Apple of sharing proprietary code with rival chipmaker Intel. A federal judge in San Diego has now set the date for the lawsuit which is believed to 15th April 2019.

Qualcomm wanted a quick trial in February but according to judge, this delay was a must because of the court’s schedule as well as the complexity of the case.

Apple Inc
[Source: Apple]
There were certain rumors that both had some type of settlement over it, but all those rumors were wrong as Apple has repeatedly stressed that there are no ongoing talks and that the two sides haven’t met for “months.”

Apple has accused Qualcomm of double-dipping on patent royalties, charging both when Apple licensed the patent portfolio and again when it sold cellular chipsets.

Qualcomm, meanwhile, has maintained that its patents venture beyond chipsets and that its licensing approach has been valid.

This new increasing tensions between Apple and Qualcomm seems just like the patent battles between Apple and Samsung which lasted for 7 years.

However, it seems like Apple might have an ally on its side. The FTC (Federal Trade Commision) is set to go to trial against Qualcomm over antitrust issues on January 4th, and whatever the outcome of that case is it might change the chances of Qualcomm’s lawsuit against Apple.

If FTC wins this upcoming trial against Qualcomm than chipmakers might not be able to convince the San Diego court that its royalty practices are fair.

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