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This app is going to show you your Apple Music listening stats

If you were active on social media for the past few months you must have seen the Spotify users posting their 2018 “Spotify Wrapped” stats. While it’s amazing to see your most listened artists and songs of the year, it has left Apple Music users a bit frustrated.

Apple Music doesn’t offer a packaged way to look at your yearly listening habits, but now a new app is developed which is going to help you see them. Developed by NoiseHub, the app is called “Music Year in Review” and shows the stats of what you listened to throughout the year on Apple Music.

Apple Music
[Source: Apple]
This app is not going to show you in-depth stats as Spotify’s “Wrapped” but it will give you some basic metrics that could be fun to look at.

To get these stats, you have to enter your email address into the app and then connect it to Apple Music. It is going to collect your listening data and show you three separate graphics:

  1. How much time you spent listening to your favorite artist on Apple Music
  2. Your top five songs and artists,
  3. Some of your overall favorites, like the genre, artist, and song.

The app can be downloaded for free from the Apple App Store.

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