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The Upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Can Surprise Us All

Samsung is working on their upcoming flagship that is Galaxy Note 20 series and most probably the production is started. We won’t see the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 series anytime soon because there is nothing confirmed. Samsung will make the Galaxy Note 20 the best smartphone of the company and Samsung will assemble the phone with all new features. There is no doubt that the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 20 will be 5G enabled but it is rumoured that Samsung can make a 4G version too of Galaxy Note 20.

If the 4G version will come of the Galaxy Note 20 then it is obvious that it’s price will be less than the 5G one but not that much because after all, it’s Samsung Galaxy Note 20. Samsung is a brand that makes the best displays and the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 20 will get a 120Hz refresh rate, as per the rumours. As we all know that 120Hz is a trend right now for the flagships so if Samsung won’t add this feature then the Galaxy Note 20 won’t be a true flagship because the display and refresh rate are the two main things in a smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 will have 4 cameras and they will perform very well, as per the rumours. There is nothing confirmed and all these features are only rumours right now. We can only expect from Samsung right now but the company won’t disappoint its users for sure. You will get an S-Pen with Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and Note series are incomplete without the S-Pen and the company will not miss it.

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