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The Oppo Watch On its Way

There are all the different gadgets that come in use to us every day. From smartphones to computers and now even wearables are common. Not long before even wearables were quite rare and not so affordable. Now the tech market has all the different types of wearables that have advanced features costing more while others that have a reasonable price. The premium or leading brands usually have highly-priced accessories and gadgets. Now a lot of companies are working on gadgets that resemble premium brand products. Oppo did the same making Oppo Watch that Resembles Apple watch.

Until now the Oppo Watch was just a rumor and nothing confirmed the product. Now there is an official announcement of the release that will happen at the Oppo Find X2 phone release event. The event will take place on March 6th and the watch will be made public officially. Along with the date-time is also provided by the company in its tweet. The first fresh look of the Oppo watch is seen in this announcement tweet. Not a complete but an angle of this watch is displayed showing some basic built of Oppo Watch

The side button on the curved sides designed like ‘waterfall edges’ can be seen in the pictures. The right side of the screen has two buttons the upper being bigger than the lower button. The feature is still unknown on how the Oppo watch is operatable and what kind of features it is packed with. The operating system matters a lot and Oppo has led images showing fonts similar to Apple’s. Other things like the price are also not known yet but it can be affordable like other brands of it can go high end expensive.

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