The iPhone X can be hacked to get back your recently deleted files

Two hackers got a bonus of about 50K for discovering a big exploit in the iPhone X that will allow you to get back your recently deleted photo or file.

During a mobile competition, different hackers found bugs in iOS and Android, two hackers named Richard Zhu and Amat Cama found the vulnerability in the iPhone X and presented it in a demo.

apple iphone
Apple has been told about this exploit but it can be hacked until the new iOS update.

To achieve this hack hackers need to have some access to the target device, and analysts believe it could be sent through a malicious Wi-Fi access point, putting many iPhone X users at risk.

When a file is deleted on the iPhone X, iOS first shows you that “This photo will be deleted from iCloud Photos on all your devices “ followed by a Delete Photo button.

After doing this step, you will be shown a Recently Deleted folder. You can then head to Recently Deleted in order to delete the photo from that folder if you don’t delete it will be slowly deleted after up to 40 days have expired.

The two hackers found this exploit in the just-in-time (JIT) compiler, which is supposed to execute computer code as a program runs.

If the compiler has an issue when it runs it is very easy for hackers to get back the recently deleted files.

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