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The Facebook accessed camera on iOS without informing users

After the numerous events that have got worldwide used social media platform Facebook in a lot of trouble, it happened again. Once again Facebook was found getting into privacy issues due to unauthorized access to users’ data. This time it was on iOS devices that happened because of some malfunctioning that allowed Facebook to have access to the camera. It was not disclosed by Facebook that they have access to a camera until now. It’s a great deal that iOS user’s privacy was vulnerable and exploited the whole time without them knowing. Usually, social media apps do take the camera permission for taking pictures and videos, etc but that’s always by users will.

Facebook accessed camera on iOS without informing users

This case was quite uncomforting to think about as the camera is sensitive hardware and provided that Facebook was using it whenever it felt like this was a huge disappointment. Until now Facebook was using user data that was stored in the database of Facebook but this time they went ahead of themselves. This data breach not only was without anyone’s knowledge but it was also neglecting user’s privacy. Some users were able to notice the camera working on the background while they tried to view a picture on the app and dragged it down a bit. Moreover, there are even videos that show the camera app working on their own in the Facebook app.

The issue was there and Facebook accepted it and at the same time, they said it will be solved soon enough. Apple was given the right information about it as per info and Facebook now seems willing to disclose the issue and an update to fix it. After all the controversies seem like Facebook will be giving an apology once again in the matter that privacy and security of users again got breached.

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