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The Apple Event and iOS 13 Expected Release Date

Apple is one of the leading brands all over the global market. It’s not just the most affordable brand but the users always come forward with positive reviews. With the positive market image, there is also a great hype among users on the apple event that takes place every year. Apple has its event yearly in the month of September ever since they bought iOS 8 in 2014. Apple event has its own huge hype due to the high expectations and there is always new innovation to see. Just like every year, the Apple September event is here and it is supposed to take place on coming 10th of September. The hype is great and sneak peek also suggest that the iOS 13 is to be bought to public display.

IOS 13 is the latest upcoming version of iOS that is running on the Apple devices. IOS is very liked by Apple users due to its simple and innovative features and user-friendly interface. Since it is the latest version new features are to be added and the most awaited dark theme is at hype. IOS 13 is to come with a dark theme that makes it easy on the eyes and also gives a cool interface to you. The iOS 13 won’t start rolling starting 10th September and you can expect it to start rolling within a week after the event. There are no official dates of rolling out but the earlier records happen to show the iOS versions rolling out within a week after Apple event.

Other than the iOS 13 there are few more things expected on the upcoming Apple event. The new iPhone pro, pro max and 11 are on the list of expectations. Some services and accessories by Apple might also be revealed at the event.

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